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  • High Frequency Soldering Station - LF-3200
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    High Frequency Soldering Station

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  • High Frequency Soldering Station
    Model: LF-3200
    High Frequency professional 120W Soldering Station
    1. Lead free soldering station.
    2. Quick temperature up speed.
    3. Powerful power supply.
    4. Become perfect welding when meet any big solder.
    5. Specially designed for Lead free soldering.
    Very quick temperature up speed, it is approx. 13 seconds from room temperature to 300 Celsius degree.
    6. Intellectual and perfect welding, powerful power supply which changes with welding point. it can become perfect welding when meeting any big soldering point. Can avoid unsafe welding due to cold welding can prolong the life for soldering tips due to the low temperature when soldering.
    7. With automatic dormancy function, it can save energy.
    8. With password lock function
    Heater and tips are separated, this design can avoid changing heater and tips together when one of them can't work properly. so can save cost.

    Application: For lead free solder, high mass components and demanding applications.


    Input Power

    100-120Vac 60Hz / 220-240VAC 50Hz


    120W Watts

    Temperature Range

    200º- 500º C (302º-896º F)

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