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  • Portable Fume Extractor - 468ESD
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    Portable Fume Extractor

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  • Portable Fume Extractor
    Model: 468ESD
    Fume Extractor
    A cost-effective, mains-powered fume extraction unit for removing soldering fumes from the immediate vicinity of the operator.
    ● Built-in, replaceable, activated carbon filter helps to capture solid fume particles preventing them from being re-circulated in the air.
    ● Significantly reduces the likelihood of eye irritation, nausea, and respiratory tract problems.
    ● Adjustable tilting head.
    ● Recommended distance from soldering iron 120 to 150mm
    ● Supplied complete with 3 filters and mains lead fitted with UK 13A plug.
    ● Replacement filters are available in packs of 3 and should be changed when they have become discoloured or when excessive dust has accumulated.

    The 468ESD Fume Extractor offer a convenient and space saving method of removing noxious fumes from the work environment. Designed for use on the factory floor, in R&D or by the hobbyist, this new product provides an economical and efficient method to improve the work place by eliminating headaches, nausea and eye irritations often associated with exposure to solder fumes.

    The 468ESD Fume Extractor was developed with a high performance fan and an easy to replace activated carbon filter. The filter is made by joining specific foam with refined activated carbon. The dust collection efficiency of the filter is 30% while the carbon filter can absorb up to 30% of its carbon weight in noxious components.

    Fume Extractor Specs.

    Input power

    As requested



    Max. air volume

    95/115 CFM

    Outer dimensions
    (W x H x D)

    162 x 200 x120 mm
    (6.38 x 7.78 x 4.72 in)

    (Excluding AC cord)

    1600 grams
    (3.5 lbs.)

    Filter size

    130 mm2

    Filter weight

    12 grams

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