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  • SMD Rework Soldering Station - LF-852D
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    SMD Rework Soldering Station

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  • SMD Rework Soldering Station
    Model: LF-852D

    High Power 1000W SMD Rework Station
    The "High Power Hot Air SMD LF-852D-II" is engineered to meet the demanding needs of today's leas free electronic industry. It is an inexpensive way for technicians, service/repair and assembly rework technicians to get the job done professionally. This appliance is equipped with a high power heating element that has very fast heat-up time.

    A high quality sensor and heat transfer technology ensures precise temperature regulation which is essential for making consistent, reliable processes. The aluminum housing has the advantages of strong structure, good heat sink qualities and effectively resistant to electro-magnetic interference.

    ● Built-in diaphragm type air pump.
    ● Long-life 1000W ceramic heater ensures accurate and sufficient supply of hot air.
    ● Air flow is continuously adjustable.
    ● Electronically controlled temperature system with digital display.
    ● Automatic cooling mode protects the heating element.
    ● Wide range of focus hoods are available separately to meet all your QFP and PLCC flat pack needs.
    ● The same nozzle can be used for soldering and desoldering.
    ● ESD Safe.
    ● Hot air gun holder can be mounted on either side of the unit.
    ● Heat switches off when air gun is in holder and switches onagain when the gun is taken out for use.
    ● Supplied complete with 2 air focus hoods, IC'popper' extractor, set of 5 stainless steel anti-magnetic tweezers and instruction manual.

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