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  • Solder Rework Station - LF-853D
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  • Solder Rework Station
    Model: LF-853D
    Multi-function SMD Rework Stations
    Product features:
    1. 5 in one: By design, saving working space, owning three function, can greatly meet the users need. Soldering, desoldering, and hot air.
    2. Special intelligent chip microcomputer control: Designed, double LED display operating by pressing keys, make it convenient and comfortable operation.
    3. Temperature selection: Fahrenheit and centigrade (celsius) temperature.
    4. Heater/sensor failed detection: If sensor circuit fails, the display reads "S--E" and cut off the heater power. If heater circuit fails, the display will read "H--E" and cut off the heater power.
    5. Temperature “lock-out” feature: The temperature can be locked by “password” code that is convenient for production line management.
    6. Esd safe and spike free circuitry: The "Zero Voltage" electronic switching design also protects voltage and current sensitive components (CMOS devices, etc.) against damaging current and transient voltage spikes commonly produced by less efficient, mechanically switched stations.
    7. Delayed suction: To eliminate the problem of solder clogging up the tip, a delayed switch feature has been incorporated for the unit that allows the pump to continue sucking for 1.5 seconds after the actuator switch is released.
    8. Lightweight soldering iron: Ergonomic mini handle that stays cool and prevents operator fatigue.
    9. Energy saver mode: If the station has been idle for 20 minutes, the energy saver feature will automatically engage, the temperature goes down to 150°C from the set temperature. Activating the solder/desolder wands will disengage the power saving feature and the unit will immediately ramp up to the preset temperature. When over 40 minutes without operation the main power will be switched off to “sleep mode” which cuts power consumption and extends tip life.
    Please note: You have to switch off the unit first and then switch “ON” again to commence work when the unit goes to “Sleep” mode.
    10. Iron working option: Both soldering, desoldering irons can be used at the same time. You can also set by pressing keys “ SET + ▲” when you only use soldering or desoldering iron. At this time, the iron which you set will enter the power off suspend status. It means that the heater power is cut off. If press “▼" then the heater power will be on.
    11. SMD tweezers : The additional feature is specially designed for SMD chips, SOT, Flat pack ICs’ etc. reworking. TWZ100 Tweezers can be interchangeable with soldering iron as an option. Be sure before proceeding this operation, the main switch must be “OFF” to avoid any damage to the unit.
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