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  • Soldering Fumes Extractor - HV-2
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    Soldering Fumes Extractor

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  • Soldering Fumes Extractor
    Model: HV-2
    Solder Fume Extractor System
    1. The fume extractor is of high quality and it consumes little electric energy.
    2. The fume extractor averagely divides the cutting platform into partitions of equal width , a dust collector for both fume absorption and dust holding is configured in each partition. The valve is set at the end of each partition, and is in linkage with the pneumatic tappet. When the soldering gun arrives any position, the corresponding valve automatically opens, and always ensures that ventilation is just implemented only in the soldering areas that generate fume. This system greatly reduces the amount of wind needed, thus saves the consumption of electric energy.
    3. It is specially designed for industrial welding fume and light weight particles, can be widely applied to many places that produce dust and oil fume and industries such as electronic wave soldering, metal processing, laser cutting, etc. It is very light and flexible. With a 2x 2.5m  long movable flexible pipe, it can be moved to different locations.
    4. This kind of solder fume extractor has incomparable disposal efficiency : at rated air volume, the welding fume elimination efficiency is high, thus can discharge directly in the workshop.
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